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Getting Started with Northwind Taekwondo

Beginners Course for 2023

An entry level martial arts program for which any able body person will be able to partake in. Course covers traditional forms, kicking and striking, joint locking, off balancing and landing techniques,  defense against weapons and unarmed opponents, Korean history and culture  based around Taekwondo, courtly manners and discipline, physical fitness & conditioning and technical knowledge behind the martial art.
All courses are skill and knowledge based therefore practice and repetitive learning  is required to be done on the students own time, not class time. All students are expected to remember what they have been taught in previous lessons  as previous lessons will not be repeated until the last 2 weeks of the course.  To pass the courses well,  practice for 60 -90 min 5-6  days a week every week.  Always do as the instructor asks and you will always do exceptionally well.  Click here to contact us
 . NB: This is program is designed for adults with some slight modifications to cater for children over the age of eight years.

It is expected adults will achieve their black belt in 3-5 years.  Students starting as a teenager are expected to achieve their black belt in 5-7 years. Students starting as a pre-teen (8-12years)  are expected to achieve their black belt in 7-10 years.

The Beginners course is followed by the; 'Junior Grade Course', 'Senior Grade Course' and 'Black Belt Program' (Novice, Expert & Masters courses)


  1. Send a written request for an application pack by email or regular postOr call direct (028) 4007550 to make an appointment to meet with the Head Coach, who can give you all the information and answer all the questions you have.

  2. Ask to come and watch a class being taught as a visitor and attend the class if you wish.  At the end of the first or second class; you will be given a registration form for Northwind TKD.            When you are ready complete the form and pay the annual $35 fee.  You now have special access to classes and the privilege of the 'Northwind Uniform Guarantee',  'Uniform Trade Back Program', and members-only area on the website 'Club House'

  3. Return for an additional free class if needed.

  4. When you are ready to start a course of learning, tell the head coach and they will give you two enrolment forms to complete.                                                                                                                                     a) 'Course of Learning Application'  Complete & return the form and start your preparation for promotion.   Teaching fees are discussed at this point.                                                                                         b) Complete the ITA Registration form, and pay the registration fee of $35. Now you can buy an ITA Uniform.  Uniforms can take up to 14 days to arrive due to availability (if not already in stock).  Pre-Loved uniforms can cost from $20 to $69 and New uniforms will cost from $75 to $150.  (click here for more information)

  5. Pay for your uniform when it arrives (unless prepaid)- Receive your uniform

  6. At the end of your first term of training,  complete your first belt exam and pass.

  7. Teaching fees:                                                                                                                                                                   a) Session by session (pay as you learn) can be paid in cash in a white envelope with the name, amount, and type of service/goods written on the envelope. place the envelope on the teacher's table at the front of the hall on arrival. No receipt will be given,  All payments will appear on a monthly statement.                                                                                                                                                          b) once the student has attended for 6 months it is possible to set up an account with and have all expenses incurred, billed by invoice each month.  Invoicing occurs at the end of the month, and payment is required with in 14 days. 

  8.  Teaching fee subscriptions for a course of learning are available for monthly & 10 week terms for individuals  students and family groups. All subscriptions will be bill the month ahead of the due period.

  9. Well done you are now a full-fledged New student of Taekwondo. As a  member of Northwind TKD, you will always be offered first option to attend all seminars, camps, demos, and other functions. Ultimately the goal is to start a course of learning with   regular weekly  lessons 

  10. Special events will incur additional fees if you wish to partake.

Additional equipment, badges, study materials  and special events will be required as the student progresses through the ranks.

Black Belt Promotion Exams  and related fees are not included in monthly teaching fees.

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