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Mr L Taylor 

Knife Hand Side Strike - Destruction's

9th grade break -  Term III belt exam conducted at Waikino , NZ [2013]

Hauraki Plains Rural Show 2013

Miss Hadley & Miss Teo Paipa demonstrating  one of the many 'One Step' Routines they learn in class.

Mr L Taylor 

Front snap kick  - Destruction's

10th grade break - 1st term belt exam conducted at Waihi , NZ [2013]

Belt Exam 2013 - Term 1

8th & 7th  grade patterns


These images are from the 2nd 'Northwind Senior X-Factor Training"  These training's are 8 hours long with an hour for lunch and 15 min breaks every 90 min. Photos are taken through out the day of the students with the best application.

Mr  L Wolfenden

Front snap kick - Destruction's

10th grade break - 1st term belt exam conducted at Waihi , NZ [2013]

Belt Exam 2013 - Term1 

10th grade  - basic drills - Patterns - 3-step

 Miss J Fell 

Side Piecing Kick  - Destruction's

8th grade break - 1st term belt exam conducted at Waihi, NZ [2013]


Belt Exam 2013 - Term 1

7th Grade Free Sparring Club Style​

Belt Exam - Term 3 - 2013

Mr Fell executing a front kick destruction of a one inch board. 

This is a White Belt (10th Grade) requirement for adults.

This a perfect demonstration of two very good front kicks. The test requires a front snap kick  to break the 1 inch board and the board position is set for this kick.
The first attempt is a good front piercing (thrusting) kick, which as you will see is not  the correct kick to break the board at this angle. 
the second kick is a very good front snap kick and as you will see, smashes the one inch board.
This is a very good example of why we must use the correct technique and attacking tool with the correct vital point on the body of an attacker when being attacked.

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